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We have no barriers to innovation, we are simple in the way we think and in everything we create. The strong relationships with our customers are created as a natural extension of our team's principles, respect and integrity.

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Our value is based on the development and management of cross-platform services through the Web, connected with mobile and offline applications that provide unique user experiences.

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  • TOConline

    TOConline is a web ERP for Small and Medium Enterprises that facilitates collaborative work and information sharing between the Entrepreneur, the company's employees and the Chartered Accountant.

    All data concerning the company is stored in a centralized system, very easy to use and accessible anywhere through the Internet for all stakeholders.

    In Portugal, TOConline is developed as a partnership between Cloudware and OTOC, which is the largest Portuguese professional body, with more than 75,000 affiliated accountants."

  • TOConline Centro de Ajuda

    Dedicated support area for TOConline users, focusing on the evolving knowledge of the application and promoting interaction within the community.

  • TOCguias

    App for mobile phones and tablets (iOS and Android) that simplifies the registration of the shipping documents as required by the Portuguese Tax Authority.

    Choose your device: The documents issued using the mobile application are automatically integrated in TOConline. Since May 1st, 2013 you are obliged to register the shipping document with the Portuguese Tax Authority before you start shipping the goods!

  • CWmedia

    CWMedia is a multimedia platform for the distribution of Video and Audio content. The platform leverages the integration with virtual communities (social networks) to create a collaborative differentiating environment for sharing, promoting and recommending content.

    CWMedia is made up of a set of management tools in a private backoffice and additionally of a core client API that simplifies the development of multi-platform client applications (Android, iOS, OS X, Windows, Windows Phone).

TOConline Serviço às empresas

The constant evolution of the platform and the increasing number of registered companies brought the need for a dedicated support service, aimed at the entrepreneurs and their companies' employees, where their questions regarding TOConline can be clarified. Thus, Cloudware provides TOConline users with an extra support channel via phone.

  • Technical support by phone available from 9h to 13h and from 14h to 18h, provided by Cloudware's technical team
  • Unlimited support incidents
  • Analysis and support regarding the communication of documents to the Tax Authority
  • Analysis of the SAFT-PT file
  • Support with the configuration of the export to accounting applications
  • Support in the use of the Purchases and expenditures, Inventory management, and Payroll modules

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